Let’s Talk About Sex Therapy

Don’t let the title intimidate you. Sex therapy is a common, albeit widely misunderstood practice that helps individuals and couples find fulfillment in their sexual lives. Basically, sex therapy is a type of talk therapy. It means having a conversation with your therapist about your sexual health and functioning.

Sexual frustration can occur for a myriad of reasons including past trauma, stress, relational issues and body image. We focus on the mind-body connection—learning how your thoughts, feelings, behaviors and past experiences impact your body, arousal and desire. So while it may seem uncomfortable at first, talking about sex with one of our trained therapists is a proven path toward a healthier, more fulfilling sex life.

what we expect out of you

Couples sex therapy is most successful when you’re both committed to the therapeutic work. That means being open to feedback from your therapist, and following through with suggested solutions—even if it feels a little intimidating at first. Remember, couples entering sex therapy are doing so because they are both equally committed to improving their sexual relationship, and are not ambivalent toward their relationship status.

As for individuals curious about sex therapy—our expectations are no different. The way we see it, if you’re committed to improving the sexual relationship with yourself, you should be equally committed to our feedback. That means following through with suggested solutions and keeping up with any recommended reading. In other words: the effort you put into therapy is what you’ll get out of it.