Michelle Herzog, MS, LMFT

Michelle is the owner and clinical director at The Center for Mindful Living. As a Licensed Marriage and Family therapist, she specializes in the confidential treatment of sex and relationship psychotherapy. Michelle earned her Bachelors degree in Psychology from DePaul University and her Masters Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Northwestern University. She has also completed advanced training in sex therapy and sex education from the University of Michigan’s School of Social Work.

Michelle’s clinical practice is focused on enhancing the sexual lives of her clients. She encourages individuals and couples to deepen their levels of intimacy while expanding their sexual exploration and expression. She believes in a strong, collaborative client-therapist relationship, and strives to meet her client’s needs in a supportive, therapeutic environment. Her areas of expertise include relationships, sexual dysfunction, low desire, out of control sexual behavior, sex after trauma or illness, pain disorders and sexual identity. Michelle also works with individuals and couples around family of origin constraints, work-life balance, affair recovery and stage of life transitions. Her special interests of expertise include working with pre-orgasmic women and individuals navigating the world of online dating, mating and modern love. 

Michelle is featured in a variety of news articles, websites and podcasts. She is a member of the Alumni Association at Northwestern University and provides mentorship for therapists-in-training seeking a career in sex therapy.  She is also the Director of Communications for the Great Lakes Sexual Health Alliance, an organization committed to providing progressive and accurate sexual health information to medical, mental health and sexuality professionals. 


Rachel Fiske


Rachel has been a yoga teacher in Chicago for 19 years, demystifying the ancient teachings to make them accessible to contemporary minds. She is our resident expert on “alternative” paths. For six years, Rachel has worked both in private practice and in association with Chicago’s Berman Center as an alternative consultant to couples in crisis who seek to heal or enhance their intimate connection. She has completed the four levels of Ipsalu Tantra Kriya Yoga as well as TantraHeart teacher training.  Rachel’s approach to sexuality is that our bodies are the home for our spirit, and that sexual contact is an inherently reverent act, with much more significance than the world we live in currently acknowledges. That being said, she leaves plenty of room for irreverent fun. Please see to view a clip from her Oprah appearance, a cover story in YogaChicago, and recommendations from her clients that describe this sought-after teacher.

Rachel guides couples to see each other anew, and helps them remember why they are together. Because each couple is unique, each session is unique. Often a session will allow couples to release the tensions that accumulate in their bodies—the tensions that can keep them from being fully present and available to each other.  Simple, accessible partner stretches help couples reconnect powerfully and enjoyably.  Couples’ shared breathing exercises  help them deepen their sense of union in ways that go beyond words.  Getting physical helps couples integrate the teachings and processes of the therapists, making the entire package a fun, unforgettable experience. And then there’s homeplay: you will walk away with guidance for specific pleasurable techniques and exercises to rock your sex life!